Don’t just build. Build Smart.

  • Create space that supports how you live.
  • Take advantage of the natural environment to keep your home comfortable.
  • Make your home healthier and more comfortable by emphasizing non-toxic, recycled & local materials.
  • Reduce building waste and toxic materials.
  • Reuse¬†and repurpose¬†materials you already own.
Photo of Simon's work

Simon Burke-Lipickzy

Simon has been involved in building and renovating homes since 1990. A skilled carpenter and cabinetmaker, Simon also understands the practical building science as well as the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems that must be grasped to create a comfortable, economical & environmentally-friendly home.


Alford, MA front door


Build or renovate using sustainable and economical building practices and materials.

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Get help working out building details and whole systems.

Martha plastering


Learn how to do-it-yourself the right way.

Blog: 'Simon Says'

“Ghosting” on interior walls

A peculiar thing happens when you have a combustion source (candles, kerosene heater, fireplace, wood stove, etc.) in a building that is poorly insulated. The particulates in the air will be attracted to the cold spots on the walls or ceilings. I have seen this with framing. After a heating season there are “shadows” of… Read more »

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