Glendale, MA Cottage Kitchen
This small worn kitchen had old, poorly constructed cabinets and damaged countertops. After replacing the cabinet doors and drawer hardware, the old, rotting, wooden countertops were replaced with a combination of new wood and polished concrete around the sink and range. The traditional charm was preserved while making everything much easier to use.
Repainted, reorganized cabinets with solid surface counters Troy Urban Homesteaders’ Kitchen
In order to update this kitchen on a budget, the clients and I worked together. We created a much smoother, more inviting layout with the dated but functional cabinets and I designed and built a custom island to house the inset compost and baking sheets. They painted the cabinets and used the savings to install solid surface countertops.
Modern birch cabinets Modern Kitchen for Troy’s Historic District
Because of the age of this building, it never had a proper kitchen. The clients, both designers, wanted a clean look. Once they had wired, plumbed, insulated, and drywalled the space, I built custom cabinets to their specs. Although we used relatively inexpensive birch plywood, every effort was made to keep the grain running continuously across banks, doors, and drawer fronts.
Concrete countertops and cork floors Large pantry cabinetDetail of grain matchingOpen shelves above for dry goods
South Troy Bath Renovations-First Floor
The first-floor half bath was completely re-envisioned: refinishing the original wood floor, installing a space-saving corner shower, updating the electric and plumbing, and covering the walls with mosaic tile work. Although the mosaic work took roughly 45 minutes per square foot for the owner to install, the tile budget was slashed to a total of about $50!
South Troy Bath Renovations-Second Floor
The second-floor bath was updated from the powder blue fixtures and lace theme into a warm, inviting room with a soaking tub facing the window for a view of the trees outside. The tub was a hand-me-down from a relative’s bathroom update. The green tile was a handmade Italian product left over from a friend’s project.  The vanity was a customized box store unit with a salvaged slate top and a sink from ReStore. The owner did the tile work again, making this major transformation quite affordable.
Bathroom before
Troy Deep Energy Retrofit
To tighten up and insulate this row house, we gutted everything to the brick, framed up 2×4 walls with 2-inch foam spacers between the wood and masonry, blew in dense pack cellulose, and drywalled the entire house. This allowed us to open up the floor plan and include much needed closets while also creating a very comfortable home with much lower heating costs. Blower door testing showed air leakage rates reduced by two-thirds, and gas bills were cut by at least 50%.
Gutted bedroomFramed and insulatedCozy spot in new bedroom
Layout Shipbuilding
A temporary hire to assist an ailing shipwright turned into a 1 1/2 year job. As his health deteriorated, I became his hands for much of the work. After carefully discussing our tasks, he would leave me to do the majority of the work. I learned a tremendous amount from a master of the craft and developed excellent skills in free hand forming of massive pieces of wood.
Channel and cover roughed outChannels cut and paintedFully installed channel ready for rigging40' laminated keel