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Whether you need help with a difficult detail or a whole system laid out, you can get back to work with answers. With my guidance as a construction manager, you can save the money that a general contractor (GC) must charge to cover overhead and profit. Acting as your own GC does require more of a time commitment. But it also means you are much more involved in the nuts and bolts of the project. On an as-needed basis, I can guide you through organizing, scheduling, and budgeting. And I can also help with the permitting process and subcontractors.

New back porch for 1920's home on East side of Troy

New back porch for 1920’s home on East side of Troy

“Simon does great work and he’s the first person I turn to when something has to be done well. . . . He’s organized, neat, friendly, easy to work with and does what he says he’ll do.  He finds good subcontractors when needed and holds them to his very high standards.  Why worry?  Hire Simon.”
A.K., Troy, NY








This working arrangement is especially suited to homeowners who already have building experience or may just need a little bit of help with one aspect of their project. One client, who had already built one home for himself, hired me to assist him throughout the entire process of building his second home. He was already comfortable with the overall design, the scheduling, the finances, and permitting, so he asked me to focus on the day-to-day building process–solving problems that popped up and avoiding those that would later, providing advice on best building practices and products, offering alternative design ideas, etc. It was a very good relationship and built a great house together!